Civita App helps cities of all sizes improve community engagement. It connects various information related to services, resources, and activities that the city has in multiple systems on one intuitive, easy-to-use solution.

Civita App is customizable, and can be branded with your city’s logo. It can also incorporate a look and feel that conveys best what your city represents.

Our features include 311-issue reporting, city news and social media feeds, event calendars, business directories, bill payment and information on parks and other city facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Community Engagement

    Engage your community in a meaningful way. Users have the ability to report issues, request services, and provide feedback and insight on important decisions.

  • 100% Customizable

    Our platform allows you to change designs and data displayed in the app.

  • 311 / CRM

    311 apps connect with residents, help reduce operating costs and make your staff more efficient and effective. The Civita App platform allows your staff to efficiently manage assignments, information, and internal communications to improve services whether they are at their desk or in the field.

  • Third-Party Integration

    If your city already has an existing third-party solution, no problem. We integrate with most third-party solutions and can easily develop integrations based on your requirements.

  • People & Information

    Make it easy for your community to find anything they need, from information about city council to details about city departments and programs.

  • Parks & Recreation

    Add in all relevant information about your parks and recreational facilities in the app, including opening hours, amenities, photos, and directions. Integrate it with event booking systems you may use.

  • Local Landmarks, Arts & Culture, Libraries & More…

    Add notification alerts so residents learn more about the city as they wander around and explore it. Add contact geo-tags and notifications, and connect other online and video content.

  • News & Social Media

    Keep your residents up to date with news by linking live feeds from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as RSS feeds from your website.

  • Calendar

    Provide app users access to important dates and events. Our app can synchronize with your city calendar. App users are able to save events directly to their cell phone’s calendar.

  • Push Notifications

    Send ‘instant’ messages to your residents, alerting them of news, events, city programs, road work and more. We also have geo-fencing tool for GPS location-based messaging.

  • Permits, Code Enforcement & Business Licenses

    Automate and streamline the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, sending letters, recording violations, and documenting resolutions. Integrate with your existing systems.

  • Business Directory

    You can help promote your local economy. Add a directory for dining, shopping, and local businesses. Each establishment has the ability to enter deals and promos.

  • Connect With Your Other Systems

    We can help you connect to third-party services for specific city functions, such as flight schedules, employment opportunities, and bus routes. You can add responsive web pages to your app.

  • GIS

    Use your geographic information system (GIS) data and add custom maps and routes. Add trash pick-up routes, maps of libraries and other facilities, and maps to venues where city events are being held.

  • Custom Forms

    City-specific forms can be designed and added to your app.

  • Feedback

    Get feedback from your residents. You can also get crowdsourced data to aid in decision-making. Give citizens the ability to voice their opinions on important matters.