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Citizens are a central and important part of governance. There is some thought at the municipal level that working toward citizen engagement may slow things down. The reality is that citizen engagement can happen at different levels and at different capacities. Citizen engagement works best when it’s collaborative, so the primary goal is to work as partners to plan for major community development.

One of the main benefits of citizen engagement application is that it can neutralize the influence of powerful interests. Security, citizen engagement, innovation, efficiency, and transparency help to build trust between citizens and their local governments. Rattle Tech is offering a citizen engagement application that’s customized according to the local government’s needs and in ways that support efficiency, accountability, and transparency. Citizen engagement application is capable of reaching all citizens, so exclusivity with the entire community is possible.

How Citizen Engagement App enhances Community Development in the Future?

Citizen engagement doesn’t have to be complicated. The fear of citizen involvement slowing things down is a complete fallacy. In fact, public policies tend to be more effective and better received when community members have an opportunity to become involved. When citizens can engage effectively and on a timely basis, things tend to go smoothly and more predictably. Citizens often come up with great ideas that council members haven’t thought about that may prevent costly mistakes and may save time and money in the long run.

Rattle Tech supports inclusiveness, so those who are differently abled have equal access to council meetings and citizen engagement as everyone else in the community.

Top Payoffs by Citizen Engagement Application

1.Easy to Maintain Citizens Personal data by Local Governments

While we live in the age of cybersecurity, many local governments are still using outdated equipment which is becoming more difficult to maintain or replace. In addition, older technologies often don’t work with newer technologies at all, creating security gaps or even rendering them completely useless. Outdated equipment is also susceptible to being hacked which can cause a multitude of problems for local governments including liability problems and associated costs, system shutdowns, and reputational damage.

Local governments collect lots of personal data on their citizens so they can provide them with services. This is a big responsibility for local government staff workers because it requires the utmost in confidentiality. Citizen engagement application helps to reduce the human error that can be problematic when dealing with sensitive information. With Rattle Tech, all documents get stored in the cloud and all data gets safely and regularly backed up, so there’s never a danger of anything getting lost or otherwise compromised. Community has state-of-the-art security features built directly into the platform and they’re backed up by top-of-the-line technical expertise. It provides the best defense for cybersecurity.

2.Citizen Engagement Application Meets the Challenges of Innovation

Mobility is another issue that is important to citizens. Nearly everyone has mobile phones and they’ve come to rely on them as a staple of their lives. With Rattle Tech, citizens can interact with their local governments using mobile phones or other devices as easily as using a laptop.

Digital innovations continue to develop. By implementing a citizen engagement application, local governments will be more easily able to adapt technology for automation, artificial intelligence, data collection, analytics, security, and IoT connected cities.

3.Citizen Engagement App Brings Many Advantages

A citizen engagement application puts all the information that citizens need at their fingertips. It’s searchable, mobile-friendly, expedient, and accurate. Civita App is a product of Rattle Tech that supports key modern governance practices that are critical to the ongoing success of the communities you serve.

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