Affordable & Unique Citizen Engagement Application

Civita App is a crowdsourcing application that is a perfect solution for engaging citizens in the city development. It is a unique branded app, accessible as a Mobile or Web App to citizens and the public. Citizens report issues using automatic geolocation or by pinpointing the location for better precision.

Why Civita App is a unique Citizen Engagement Application?

By Civita App, people can reports include photos, comments, descriptions, suggestions and additional information relevant to the issues. Community members can evaluate received reports, problems, suggestions, and observations, and approves or rejects submissions for public viewing.

Civita App is allowing the public to view reported issues, comment and propose solutions to problems, makes citizens feel more involved in the decision-making process of the city they live in. Both city leaders & community coordinator can track the progress and status of reported issues using charts and graphs in the web interface. Project Coordinator can send issue reports or development suggestions to a city department responsible for its solving. Establishing critical infrastructure and delivery of services effectively and efficiently completes the circle and thus increases connectivity in a city.

Crowdsourcing solutions are strategic models used to open up governments and cities to fresh and innovative ideas and solutions. Crowdsourcing data collection can be applied in a variety of different industries and projects like environmental protection, rising crime rates, unemployment, overcrowding and urban sprawls, resource management and many more. It is a powerful tool that can change organization dynamics and become the primary tool for decision-makers in organizations and communities.

Take a look at our Citizen Relationship Management solution with the City of Ontario, California in Spring 2018. Since its release, the myOntario app (iOS / Android) has proven to be a huge success for the city, allowing better interaction between the city and its citizens.

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